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Empire Stores is one of several catalogue brands operated by the Littlewoods Shop Direct Group - and who also operate Shop Direct Financial Services. Other well-known brands in the Littlewoods Shop Direct catalogue portfolio include: Great Universal, Marshall Ward, Additions Direct, Choice Catalogue, Kays Catalogue, Woolworths and, of course, Littlewoods Direct.


Previously owned by Redcats, Empire Stores was purchased by Littlewoods in 2008. Other Redcats brands continue to include: La Redoute, Vertbaudet and Daxon.

Despite having been in business for over 175 years, Empire Stores is still going strong, and, under the management of Littlewoods Shop Direct, have created a compelling online presence, with its online catalogue store becoming one of the top UK shopping destinations. While well-known for fashion, Empire Stores also stocks a wide range of other inventory too, including furniture, electronics goods, jewellery, home goods, garden tools and garden furniture, and much else.

Besides its competitive prices, Empire Stores is also popular for its buy now, pay later accounts. Given that a customer can pass relatively benign credit-checks, then a new customer can open an online account and often not pay anything at all for several months.

Not all of the Littlewoods brands sport actual, physical paper catalogues, but Empire Stores is one of the brands that still does; and so, should you wish, a free Empire Stores mail-order catalogue can also be requested from the EmpireStores catalogue website. Goods can then be ordered either online or offline; however, it's true to say that offers between the two can vary, with the Empire Stores website, needless to say, able to offer a much bigger product range, with pricing which can change much more quickly than it can between iterations of its paper catalogue.

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It should also be noted that www.Empirestores.com (as opposed to .co.uk) is not operated by Empire Stores or Littlewoods. Visitors should therefore take care to use the correct Empire Stores domain.